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- Energy Efficiency

- Easy and Economical Installation

- Quiet Operation

- Indoor Air Quality Improvement

- Zoned Comfort


- MOST Efficient HVAC on the Market

- SUPER Easy Installation

- Preferred HVAC Brand of Top Contractors

- Qualifies for Most Energy Rebates

- Prompt, Responsive Technical Support

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Cye's Mechanical

"Installation of the unit was straightforward and after 18 months of heavy usage, the unit is rock solid. This will be my go-to budget unit. Many thanks to TOSOT."

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All Out HVAC Solutions

"Great product that I recommend all contractors use. The heat pump ratings are phenomenal as well."

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4 Sons Contracting

"I have been installing Tosot mini splits for the past 3 years. I haven't had any problems with them at all. Their nice sleek design looks great for any application."


Topline Heating & Air

"I've been in HVAC business for over 25 years. Tosot excited my expectations. How easy it is to service and install. Reliability is superb. Parts are available and compatible with other brands. Units are customer and technician friendly. By far this is the best brand I've worked on."


Brownstone Heating & AC

"TOSOT makes great , affordable HVAC equipment. My customers love it. Their sales team and tech support are on top of their game."


About TOSOT (It's "TOH-SOH-T")

TOSOT is an HVAC equipment brand owned and manufactured by GREE Electric Appliances Company of Zhuhai (Est. 1991). TOSOT's product -line includes residential and commercial air conditioners, from ductless-split, single and multi-zoned, PTACs, window units and dehumidifiers to VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) units. 

GREE is headquartered in GuangDong Province, the HVAC manufacturing capital in China. It's the largest residential air conditioner manufacturer. Globally, 1 in 3 Air Conditioners is manufactured by GREE. 

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UNIX Central Ducted Heat Pump System

Price Inquiry

2-3 Ton Convertible / 4-5 Ton Convertible

Single Zone Entry-Level Series - Systems

Heat Pump

Price Inquiry

Up to 19 SEER, 9K - 36K BTU

Single Zone Mid-Level Series - Systems

Heat Pump

Price Inquiry

Up to 25 SEER, 9K - 36K BTU

Single Zone High-Level Series - Systems

Heat Pump

Price Inquiry

Up to 38 SEER, 9K - 36K BTU, -31F Ultra-low-ambient-heating

Multi Zone Manhattan (HMO) Series Condensers

​Price Inquiry

18K - 42K BTU

Multi Zone ULTRA Series Outdoor Units

Price Inquiry

18K - 42K BTU

Multi Zone Series - Wall Mounted Indoor Unit

Price Inquiry

Wall Mounted indoor units, 9K - 24K BTU

Multi Zone Series - Cassette Indoor Unit

Price Inquiry

Cassette Indoor units,12K to 24K BTU

*Cassette Grille is required and sold separately*

Multi Zone Series - Slim Duct Indoor Unit

Price Inquiry

Slim Duct indoor units, 9K to 24K BTU

Multi Zone Series - Floor/Ceiling Indoor Unit

Price Inquiry

Universal Floor/Ceiling indoor units, 9K to 24K BTU

Multi Zone Series - Console Indoor Unit

Price Inquiry

Mini Console indoor units, 9K to 18K BTU


Parts Warranty

Limited 10 YEAR

Compressor Warranty

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