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9,000 BTU - 15,000 BTU

Heat Pump

• Built-in self-correcting diagnostic
safeguards translate to lower utility cost
and easier operation.

• TOSOT PTAC introduces fresh outdoor air
through a unique fresh air vent system, providing up to 75 CFM of fresh
outdoor air into the living space.

• Digital Touch Pad Control for precise temperature adjustment, continuous temperature sensing, heat/cool/fan modes, and electronic temperature limiting.

• TOSOT PTAC provides auto restart and random restart delay, freeze protection, emergency heat (heat pump models), and remote control options (for wired or wireless energy management).

• Two-speed indoor fan and outdoor fan.

• Dual motor technology makes TOSOT PTAC one of the most quiet and efficient units in the industry.

• Higher EER (up to 13.0).

• Aero-Quiet indoor blower wheel provides quiet and consistent air flow for maximum comfort.

• Smartfan Comfort Control for customized fan operation and quiet fan start-up and stop.

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