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PA: AC Current Protection


Safety Note: Before any component is electrically disconnected in the unit, shut off main power. Inverter board DC bus voltage can take up to 15 min to discharge.

Caution: Do not plug or unplug components while electrical power is present, this can damage the equipment and control boards.

Step 1: Check for High Voltage

  • Measure the voltage supplied to the unit to ensure it is within the specified range. Use a multimeter to check the incoming voltage at the designated connection points.

  • If the voltage is too high, it can trigger the AC current protection. Investigate the cause of the high voltage, which may involve issues with the power supply or electrical circuit.

  • Inspect the main power connections and look for any loose or damaged wiring that could lead to voltage irregularities.

  • Ensure that the unit is properly grounded, and there are no issues with the electrical distribution system.

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