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Multi Zone Systems (18K - 42K BTU)

MULTI ULTRA Series Outdoor Units

Ultra Heat Pump

18K - 42K BTU, 80% efficiency at -22F. 

22 SEER Outdoor Units

Heat Pump

Up to 22 SEER, 18K - 42K BTU

Wall Mounted Indoor Unit

Wall Mounted indoor units, 9K - 24K BTU

Cassette Indoor Unit

Cassette Indoor units, 12K to 24K BTU, *Cassette Grille is required and sold separately* 

Slim Duct Indoor Unit

Slim Duct indoor units, 9K to 24K BTU

Floor/Ceiling Indoor Unit

Universal Floor/Ceiling indoor units, 9K to 24K BTU

Mini Console Indoor Unit

Mini Console indoor units, 9K to 18K BTU

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Parts Warranty

Limited 10 YEAR

Compressor Warranty

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