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L3: Outdoor Airflow


Step 1: Check the Outdoor Fan Motor

  • Inspect the outdoor fan motor for any signs of malfunction or irregularities.

  • Verify the wiring and connections to the outdoor fan motor.

  • Ensure that the fan blades are free from obstructions and can rotate freely.

  • Test the functionality of the outdoor fan motor.

Step 2: Check the Outdoor Board

  • Inspect the outdoor board for any error codes or indicators related to the outdoor airflow issue.

  • Verify the wiring and connections on the outdoor board.

  • Check for any visible damage or anomalies in the components associated with outdoor airflow control.

Step 3: Check if System is Undercharged

  • Assess the refrigerant charge level in the system.

  • If the refrigerant charge is low, it could impact outdoor airflow. Perform necessary procedures to address undercharging issues.

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