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TOSOT vs. Others

  • MOST Energy efficient HVAC on the Market
  • Works at temperatures 50% colder than the leading competitor
  • Qualifies for nearly EVERY Energy rebate for HVACs 
  • Costs nearly 50% of the price of the leading competitor
  • Super easy Installation

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Tosot Testimonials from Top Contractors


Abraham HVAC (PA)

"From ease of installation to reliable and effective air conditioning year round, Tosot is the answer."


Vega Air (CT)

"My clients and I are very happy with the Tosot ductless machinery. The Ultra heating equipment works great in the winter."

Fixing an Air Conditioner

4 Sons Contracting (NY)

"I have been installing Tosot mini splits for the past 3 years. I haven't had any problems with them at all. Their nice sleek design looks great for any application."


Cye Mechanical (NY)

"We were skeptical to try a new brand at first i decided to give it a go. Installation of the unit was straightforward and after 18 months of heavy usage.. the unit is rock solid. This will be my go to budget saver unit. Many thanks to Tosot."

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