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E3 : System Low Pressure Protection.


Step 1: Check for Dirty Filters, Coils

  • Inspect and clean or replace dirty filters.

  • Check for dirt or debris on the coils and clean if necessary.

Step 2: Check for Blocked Air Flow

  • Ensure there are no obstructions blocking the air intake or exhaust vents.

  • Confirm proper ventilation around the unit.

Step 3: Check the Indoor Fan Motor

  • Inspect the indoor fan motor for any signs of malfunction.

  • Verify the wiring and connections to the indoor fan motor.

  • Ensure the fan motor is operating correctly.

Step 4: Check the Outdoor Fan Motor

  • Inspect the outdoor fan motor for any visible damage or abnormal operation.

  • Check the wiring and connections to the outdoor fan motor.

  • Ensure the outdoor fan motor is functioning properly.

Step 5: Check if System Undercharged

  • Verify refrigerant levels and ensure they are within the specified range.

  • Consult system documentation for appropriate refrigerant charge specifications.

Step 6: Check the Expansion Valve

  • Examine the expansion valve for any signs of malfunction.

  • Check for corrosion on the expansion valve stem and the Ohm EEV coil.

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